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Today’s prompt . . .

A single ibis flew across the red horizon.


Cross words!

Today’s prompt . . .

The final crossword clue.

Is there anything as frustrating as that one word you just can’t get in the crossword? :(


Today’s prompt:

From the window they could see . . .


One Eyed


Today’s prompt . . .


Do you love it or hate it?

Going to watch Brisbane Lions play Collingwood tonight . . . should be interesting as my husband barracks for Collingwood :(

Meeting my son Pip and his girlfriend Jemimah at the MCG – let’s hope three of us are smiling tonight :)


Classic comfort

Today’s prompt . . .

Old favourites.

Inspired by the new ‘easier’ method of posting. I much prefer the old way and luckily found the option tonight for ‘classic mode’  :)

Just like a comfortable old slipper!



Today’s prompt . . .

Chocolate biscuits.

That’s meant as a subject to write about but if you’re more inspired eating them . . . go for it :)


Today’s prompt . . .

You decide to have a lazy day at home, don’t bother dressing up because you aren’t expecting anyone but . . .

No, I didn’t get caught today but there have been times :(
Oldest, daggiest clothes, hair a mess, no make up and no where to hide!

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