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A Knock on the Door


Today’s prompt:

We have visitors!

Keeping Up

Today’s prompt:

Keeping up with the Joneses.



Today’s prompt:

She refused to go to bed until she solved the Sudoku puzzle.

Might be a long night :(


Don’t forget your entries in this month’s mini-competition need to be posted by tomorrow :)

The word this month is ELVIS.

For entry details see previous posts.

The Weekend

Today’s prompt:

The weekend had finally arrived but . . .

Back in Time

Today’s prompt . . .

If you could go back to another time, when would it be?


All shook up!

I thought I’d be swamped with entries for this month’s mini-competition featuring the word ELVIS but they are trickling in a little slower than usual :(

Time to get your muses All Shook Up! Entries need to be posted by 31 August. It doesn’t matter if they don’t arrive by then (mail delivery can be erratic!) as long as they are in the mail box¬† :) Details below…

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