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Family Portrait

Isn’t it hard to get all the kids smiling and behaving at once for a family portrait? 🙂

These three were much easier to coax than my children in their pixifoto days. I have many smiling portraits that really don’t tell the thousand muttered words from Mum preceding them!

Have fun with today’s prompt…I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new submissions in my mail box 🙂


Comments on: "Family Portrait" (2)

  1. Those teddies struck a nerve, as I have one I created for my younger son…let’s see, about 40 years ago now. Erik, the younger son, has passed…as the older, Krist, who would be turning 46 in just less than two months.

    But, I do not want to get maudlin at all here…you sent me a “LIKE” and I find out you’re in Queensland! GAWWN! That truly amazes me about the internet.

    I am in Chicago (I guess you’ve heard of it?)…and I am following your blog because, first–you are a Mom (Mum?) and I love hearing the stories, and second, because I hope I can learn so much more about your very far-away nation/country/continent.

    Thank you,…and I’m right by….

  2. I got the teddies for a children’s story I wrote a few years back and was fortunate enough to win a prize for. I’ve been saying for way too long now that I would write a sequel, so perhaps that should be MY prompt!

    Yes, I’ve heard of Chicago! And, yes, I’m a Mum and for the past 4 1/2 months a grandmother, too. I have four wonderful children (1 girl, 3 boys), two step-children (one of each), two Mini – Dachshunds, one ginger cat and twenty hens & roosters. But I don’t live in Queensland, just fly up to visit my son when I can. I’m in Central Victoria, 100 kilometres north of Melbourne.

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