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I’ve had several emails and letters from past subscribers who tell me they’ve been unable to re-new their subscriptions to Positive Words magazine due to financial reasons or the Global Financial Crisis. I do understand. Times are tough for many of us and we all have to make cuts according to our family situations and lifestyles. Some subscribers have been with me for almost ten years and I truly appreciate that support, and I also appreciate every other subscription, stamp donation, competition entry etc.

What I do want everyone to know is that you can still submit stories and poems, even if your subs have lapsed. I don’t discriminate. I simply trust that everyone does what they can, when they can. For some it is a full subscription, for others competition entries, postage stamp donations to help with the mail-out each month or promotion by telling friends and fellow writers, spreading the word at writing groups and gatherings. It all adds up.

I have been happily married to my second husband for almost six years now and my children have all grown and left home but, for many years I was a sole parent and for me a magazine subscription was totally out of the question. I struggled to afford writing group fees. I’m still not rich, just moderately comfortable but I would hate to think anyone felt they couldn’t submit their work because they couldn’t afford a subscription.

Some contributors support other publications and competitions, and that’s great – we need as many opportunities as possible.

A few subscribers get their subscriptions by asking friends or family to forgo the chocolates and flowers and buy a subscription for birthdays or Christmas instead. A great idea and guaranteed not to put on weight or cause hay fever!

I’ll be honest – Positive Words magazine runs on the smell of an oily rag and survives on the breadline! Ten years ago when I started, I raised the necessary funds by selling my craft work and plants at local markets. Now, subscriptions, sales and competition fees cover printing and postage costs but I have never drawn a wage or any compensation since I started. I’m not complaining, it’s a labour of love and the magazine has given me a wonderful sense of accomplishment and the chance to help so many people reach their publication dreams. And many, many friends. I am very grateful.

But…if any subscriber/contributor/entrant/generous benefactor goes on to get that big break, rise to J K Rowling-style success and make a million or two… please, don’t forget us 🙂


Comments on: "Do What You Can, When You Can…" (2)

  1. Maureen Mitson said:

    Love the magazine – have submitted poems but how much to subscribe? Gave the mag back to owner without taking details!!!

    Maureen Mitson

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