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I recently watched a  television show (Doctor Quinn) where the cast were waiting for the railway to reach their town. How trains have changed since those days! I suppose for daily commuters, trains are just a means of getting from A to B, but I rarely travel by train and when I do, I love it. I observe the people and the sights outside, andI always feel inspired 🙂

Light Bulb Moments

Today’s prompt…

You never know when an idea or inspiration will come…but don’t forget to write them down because they often disappear as quickly as they come!

The Phone Book

Today’s prompt…

When I started work just out of High School as a Cadet Journalist for my local newspaper, the Editor told me the Phone Book would become my best friend. Inside its covers I would find a wealth of information and leads for stories. He was right, and long after I left work to be a stay-home Mum to my four wonderful children I still used the Phone Book frequently. But these days the print volume is sadly  neglected while I look things up on line 😦


Today’s prompt was inspired by Pseu ( who mentioned Marmite last week.

Australians are known for eating Vegemite but this Aussie has been consuming a very similar product Promite since childhood(a couple of years ago!) Promite has a subtle sweetness…yum 🙂

It’s breakfast time here…I’m going to make a cup of tea and some toast while I jot down some notes for a new story idea 🙂


Today’s prompt…

Ducks often bring their families here in spring, usually with ten or so ducklings, but this unseasonal small family appeared a couple of weeks ago. Families do tend to be smaller than in my grandparents’ day…I wonder if the trend is spreading to the animal world? 🙂

Red Tape

Today’s prompt…

I am sure there are a million stories to write about red tape!

Get mad…vent your anger…write about some of those crazy, maddening incidents…

And do mail them in – I need stories and poems for upcoming issues of Positive Words magazine 🙂

Sign Posts

Today’s prompt…

I snapped this photo from the car window while Rod was driving and stopped at traffic lights. What a great way to brighten up an electricity pole 🙂

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you Judy from for nominating me. After a couple of topsy-turvy days here it was a wonderful surprise.

Now I have to nominate seven other blogs 🙂  I’m loving reading about psue’s gardening as she heads into summer while we have winter.  Julie has been a Positive Words subscriber for a few years and I really appreciate her support and enjoy her writing. Julie has also nominated me for the Sunshine Award and I will get to that soon 🙂 another Positive Words supporter, great writer and very much appreciated 🙂  a wealth of wisdom from the other side of the world and a fellow grandmother 🙂   A kindred spirit from Chicago 🙂  lots of great reading  more great reading 🙂

There are so many interesting blogs and I am so glad I started this one for Positive Words magazine, to provide information for subscribers and contributors because now I read as many other blogs as I can whenever I stop for lunch or a coffee/tea break. One Positive Words subscriber wrote to tell me she had never read a blog until I started this one and now, after browsing through lots of other interesting ones, she is hoping to start one for herself 🙂 a great idea!

Send me a Letter

Today’s prompt…taken in a Melbourne suburb as we drove past.

Positive Words readers and subscribers come from a wide variety of different homes. I live on a small acreage and some days don’t see another human being but many readers live in units with neighbours on the other side of the wall.

My mail box has been almost as bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard lately…so please send your stories and poems in. I’m already preparing the July issue and my Dad is picking the June magazines up from the printer today, ready to bring them up to me soon 🙂

April Update

Good news – April came home today and apart from the obvious missing eye, is just like her old self. I have her crated just in case Jasper gets too inquisitive or they start fighting as they sometimes do, and when I took her for a toilet walk, she just kept going…

I brought her back as I didn’t want her to overdo it but she didn’t seem to have any problems apart from the usual complications of being so short…long tufts of grass and scrubby plants in the paddock are like trees to her and she did run into one but seemed unperturbed. (Jasper hasn’t fared as well – unused to being without April he barked for a fair bit of the night  and his usually deep bark was hoarse this morning. And, he must have continued when I went to pick April up because only a mouse-like squeak comes out now 😦 He’s in his crate now, too. They are just like children; always worried they are missing out on what the other might be getting.)

Animals are amazing the way they adapt. Over twenty years ago we had a cat, Pollyanna, who was injured and had to have one front leg amputated and her damaged jaw wired. Just one day after her operation I took her outside for toilet and she ended up on our garage roof as she had often loved to do. I was a nervous wreck but she calmly came down when she was ready. Polly was just one when it happened and lived for another fourteen years. I was devastated when she died, although she’d had a good life, and one month later April was born and really helped me through some tough times as there were a few other hiccups around that time!

Thank you everyone for the emails, messages and good wishes. I really appreciate them. I’ve had a topsy-turvy few days and will catch up on my responses, comments and lovely awards tomorrow 🙂

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