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I recently watched a  television show (Doctor Quinn) where the cast were waiting for the railway to reach their town. How trains have changed since those days! I suppose for daily commuters, trains are just a means of getting from A to B, but I rarely travel by train and when I do, I love it. I observe the people and the sights outside, andI always feel inspired 🙂

Light Bulb Moments

Today’s prompt…

You never know when an idea or inspiration will come…but don’t forget to write them down because they often disappear as quickly as they come!

The Phone Book

Today’s prompt…

When I started work just out of High School as a Cadet Journalist for my local newspaper, the Editor told me the Phone Book would become my best friend. Inside its covers I would find a wealth of information and leads for stories. He was right, and long after I left work to be a stay-home Mum to my four wonderful children I still used the Phone Book frequently. But these days the print volume is sadly  neglected while I look things up on line 😦


Today’s prompt was inspired by Pseu ( who mentioned Marmite last week.

Australians are known for eating Vegemite but this Aussie has been consuming a very similar product Promite since childhood(a couple of years ago!) Promite has a subtle sweetness…yum 🙂

It’s breakfast time here…I’m going to make a cup of tea and some toast while I jot down some notes for a new story idea 🙂


Today’s prompt…

Ducks often bring their families here in spring, usually with ten or so ducklings, but this unseasonal small family appeared a couple of weeks ago. Families do tend to be smaller than in my grandparents’ day…I wonder if the trend is spreading to the animal world? 🙂

Red Tape

Today’s prompt…

I am sure there are a million stories to write about red tape!

Get mad…vent your anger…write about some of those crazy, maddening incidents…

And do mail them in – I need stories and poems for upcoming issues of Positive Words magazine 🙂

Sign Posts

Today’s prompt…

I snapped this photo from the car window while Rod was driving and stopped at traffic lights. What a great way to brighten up an electricity pole 🙂

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