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Today’s very sweet prompt 🙂

Taken through the window of a sweet shop in Echuca. I wonder how many children (and BIG kids) have drooled over this giant lollipop?  I’m sure you could write a novel by the time you got through this one 🙂

Comments on: "Lollipop…lollipop" (3)

  1. batsy78 said:

    Uh oh, I’m finding myself not so much prompted to write about a lollipop, as to buy a massive lollipop to get myself through a long piece of writing!

    • Ooooooh yes! I’m not going to admit the number of times I’ve indulged in a bag of lollies/chocolate/chips, telling myself it was reward/inspiration etc 😦

  2. I think this must be our old house! Mum said it was in the historic area – corner of High St and another st. When we were all down in Melbourne for Christmas two years ago, my parents took my brother to see the old house/ now Chocolate/Sweet shop but I haven’t seen it yet. Looks pretty amazing from your photo though.

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