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Thank you Judy from for nominating me. After a couple of topsy-turvy days here it was a wonderful surprise.

Now I have to nominate seven other blogs 🙂  I’m loving reading about psue’s gardening as she heads into summer while we have winter.  Julie has been a Positive Words subscriber for a few years and I really appreciate her support and enjoy her writing. Julie has also nominated me for the Sunshine Award and I will get to that soon 🙂 another Positive Words supporter, great writer and very much appreciated 🙂  a wealth of wisdom from the other side of the world and a fellow grandmother 🙂   A kindred spirit from Chicago 🙂  lots of great reading  more great reading 🙂

There are so many interesting blogs and I am so glad I started this one for Positive Words magazine, to provide information for subscribers and contributors because now I read as many other blogs as I can whenever I stop for lunch or a coffee/tea break. One Positive Words subscriber wrote to tell me she had never read a blog until I started this one and now, after browsing through lots of other interesting ones, she is hoping to start one for herself 🙂 a great idea!

Comments on: "Beautiful Blogger Award" (5)

  1. Wow that is so sweet. Thank you for nominating me. You have discovered many wonderful blogs to read. I need to have a bit more of a search around as I have only been reading 5 blogs!

    • Your nomination was well-deserved! I am really loving reading a huge range of fascinating blogs; not just writing blogs but gardening, crochet, knitting, patchwork etc, etc and all the pics of Dachshunds posted are so cute 🙂 I tell myself it is all ‘research’ but I really need to get on with my own writing and craft projects. Tomorrow 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for nominating my blog as a ‘Beautiful Blog”. I hope I can continue to post great content.

    • I am enjoying reading your blog very much and I am sure anyone who finds out about it through my blog will also find it very interesting. 🙂

  3. […] blessed and grateful to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Yellowlancer at Positive Word Magazine. She is one of the first blogs I started following just three months ago when I began my own […]

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