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The Phone Book

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When I started work just out of High School as a Cadet Journalist for my local newspaper, the Editor told me the Phone Book would become my best friend. Inside its covers I would find a wealth of information and leads for stories. He was right, and long after I left work to be a stay-home Mum to my four wonderful children I still used the Phone Book frequently. But these days the print volume is sadly  neglected while I look things up on line 😦

Comments on: "The Phone Book" (3)

  1. We receive a new phone book every six months or so on our front door step. It always reminds me of the Steve Martin movie “The Jerk” where he finds the new book on his stoop. He picks it up, thumbs through it to find his name and screams, “The New Phone Book is here. The New Phone Book is here! I am somebody, now.” LOL!

  2. Our phone books come out annually but as we live too far out for mail delivery we collect ours at the Post Office.
    There is something special about seeing your name in the book 🙂 and a very funny movie!

  3. Oh – this is a good tip 🙂 I’ll give it a go!!

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