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Lemon Tree…Very Pretty

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I love lemons 🙂 We only planted this Meyer Lemon tree last November when we moved into the house and it is thriving. I also planted a Lisbon in our small orchard about four years ago and it has suffered a few setbacks but is still hanging in there. At both my previous homes I planted lemon trees but they didn’t do well, yet here where the soil is much poorer, and conditions more harsh, it looks like I’m going to have plenty of lemons in the future.  Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Pudding, Lemon Sago, Lemon Butter . . .yum!

Sometimes writing is like my lemon trees; often the best writing comes amid the worst conditions. Many contributors have told me they started writing after a low spot in their lives. When life gives us lemons . . . 🙂

Comments on: "Lemon Tree…Very Pretty" (9)

  1. They look delicious. I look forward to seeing pics of the end product (I vote for lemon meringue pie). 😉

  2. YUM! I love lemons, and I’m certain yours will taste a thousand times better than those from the market, lancer…what a lucky girl you are!

    • Yes, very lucky 🙂 I hate buying lemons from the market, especially when I see so many trees laden with fruit and often falling on the ground. A couple of months ago when I visited my youngest son, Pip, we noticed one of his kind neighbours had placed a huge container of lemons from his tree outside his gate with a sign ‘Free’. So much better than letting them go to waste 🙂

  3. Wow, the lemons look great! All that in such a short time. I’ll bet they are wonderfully tasty.

    • The Meyer Lemon isn’t as full flavoured as some varieties but usually prolific. They always bring back memories of my wonderful Aunty Kath and Uncle Ric who had a Meyer Lemon tree in their backyard. My son Pip bought me the other tree, a Lisbon because my late Pop who was a gardener said they were the best. Wonderful memories 🙂

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