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Dog biscuits

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My dogs April and Jasper love them . . . can you make a story or poem out of them?

Several people have commented on the pretty placemats which I’ve used as a back-drop in a number of prompts. Yes, they are very pretty and match my Willow pattern themed kitchen. I bought them earlier this year at a garage sale. The seller was a lovely lady and trying to raise funds for her son to travel overseas after being selected in a National basketball team. I had to do this several times when Elijah and Pip were selected on the Victorian (and Elijah on an Australian team) gymnastics teams. It’s a great honour . . . but then comes the price tag 😦  I was a sole parent at the time but we raised the funds with garage sales and by selling lots of my craft work and those fund-raiser packs of chocolates. A lot of people helped by donating time and goods and I will always be grateful. So . . . although I already had two lovely sets of placemats, I knew what the lady was going through! The mats have been great and the extra set very useful 🙂 A win for both of us and I do hope her son enjoys his trip.

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  1. Sorry, no inspiration here. I haven’t had a dog for over 36 years. There were two, and they were basically farm dogs, who roamed around digging up the neighbor’s places for bones, though we raised beef and had plenty of bones for them to gnaw!

  2. Love the story of your place mats. You must be proud of your children :-).

    • Yes, I am a very lucky mother 🙂 My second son Elijah once said that no matter what I wrote about or the conversation was, I could always manage to mention my kids 🙂 I’m actually pretty subtle but I once wrote an article about growing plants and selling them at markets and one of the parents of a boy he coached at gymnastics came in one day amazed as she’d just read it in a magazine in the doctors’ waiting room. He rang to ask how plants and gymnastics went together and I explained that the lead up was that we sold them to finance the lessons and trips:)

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