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We have a paddock full of ponies and horses over our back fence. Perfect for visitors to pat without the feed bill 🙂


Comments on: "Pony" (2)

  1. You certainly live in a wonderful area, Lancer (envious thoughts run through my mind!). That is one sweet pony…how blessed you are to have so many animals near.

  2. It wasn’t my first pick as a place to live, mostly because it is so far from my family and friends, but for every disadvantage there is an advantage 🙂 The poor soil makes growing my garden more difficult but also means I don’t have to mow the grass so often (although I love mowing it can get tedious when the grass grows too fast and there’s no time left for anything else!) and I add compost and manure regularly to the bits I want to grow! My kids are scattered in different directions so there was no place I could be close to all of them, but it does make the visits and calls much sweeter. At my old home we milked cows and goats, raised kids and calves, guinea pigs, ducks, hens & chickens, and kept quite a few cats, dogs & donkeys over the few years. Sadly the last donkey passed away before he could move here and we came with only a small flock of hens, a rooster and the two remaining dogs. Since then (two & a half years ago) the hens and roosters have increased and I have a beautiful ginger cat. One day we are sure to get an alpaca and another donkey or goat and until then we have so many beautiful birds every day, lots of kangaroos and the neighbour’s ponies for visitors to pat 🙂

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