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My friends and family must think I’ve gone a bit strange when I whip out my camera and snap various items around their houses! This microwave isn’t mine but similar. I mostly use mine for re-heating and defrosting and prefer my regular oven for baking, and I still remember the magic when we  saved up and bought our first microwave when my kids were teenagers (the budget model at about four times the price you can buy one today!). It was ideal for re-heating meals as there was always at least one child home late due to gym, football etc – we only had meals together on weekends and school holidays. I resisted for a long time (both for the price and for concerns at this new technology)but it was so much easier than when I was young and my Mum kept my Dad’s dinner hot over a saucepan of boiling water when he was late home from work


Comments on: "Zapping up a Story" (2)

  1. brings back memories – I think our first microwave was over $800 but it lasted 20 years.

    • Mine wasn’t quite that expensive but it did last a long time and made life much easier despite my initial reservations. When I was younger I vowed I would never be like my older relations who often started conversations with ‘when I was younger…’ but now, all too often, I find myself saying it 🙂

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