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Horror of all horrors!

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Although I took this photo a few months ago, I couldn’t resist saving it for Friday the 13th 🙂

After putting off visiting the dentist for way too long, I finally made an appointment. The dentist was lovely, the treatment no where near as bad as the fear of it and it’s all over now until my next check-up 🙂

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  1. My next dentist appointment is on Monday. It won’t be so bad for me because my dentist is an amazing guy who makes me feel relaxed. He actually had an office close to my house and then moved an hour’s drive north. I still only go to him. 🙂

    • Yes, if you find a good one – stick with him/her. Years ago I went to one I nicknamed ‘The Butcher’ because he was so rough 😦 Fortunately, I’ve found a lovely lady dentist about an hour from here and I won’t be changing either!

  2. I am happy for you – my next trip to the dentist is not going to be so fortunate. When my kids were little I pretended to be brave–but truth be told the dentist’s office is my own personal house of horrors

    • I tried that, too, but my lot weren’t fooled! I remember one time when I visited ‘The Butcher’ my eldest two sat outside and made drill noises while he checked my teeth 😦
      I was terrified and hadn’t been for years until late last year but it really was necessary. My new dentist is lovely and really understands how some of us are afraid and does everything she can to make it easier. 🙂

      • okay, give me her name and I will book at plane to go see her – just kidding – , I too have not been for awhile and am afraid of what I may hear
        Your little darling was hopefully banned to his room for a year for making fun of you,

      • Both the little darlings,my two eldest sons, are grown up now. One has a beautiful wife and baby son and the other a wonderful girlfriend. I think my revenge will be showing off their embarassing childhood photos when they all come to visit in December (all four of my children live too far away and this will be the first time in 15 years they’ve all been together) We’ll see whose pearly whites are smiling them 🙂

      • ah, a mother’s best revenge – a naked picture of a baby on a blanket (I have some of those) with their cute little tushes for all the world to see

  3. I went to the dentist this morning. She booked me today because she knew I wouldn’t worry about the date, and she was right, I did forget it was Fri 13. My husband is flying today too!

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