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Weeding and Editing

Today’s prompt…

Weeding and editing . . . sometimes not much fun but everything looks so much better when its done 🙂


Comments on: "Weeding and Editing" (7)

  1. Lyn Williams said:

    Editing the garden and weeding the writing? I like it!

  2. Great image, Lancer…and love your reply to Lyn…a fun giggle on a HOT Monday morning!

    • Lyn really got my imagination going. I wish I could draw the images.
      I saw on the news that the US is in the middle of a bad drought? I know you had a little rain recently; hope you get more soon.

      • We had another day of 95+ degrees here in Chicago…rain is forecast for the next several days, but…weather people are rarely correct on that. Our rain for July hasn’t been but about 2 inches, not nearly enough. Right now, I wish I was ‘down under’…your winter looks relatively mild!

      • Hmmm…the weather people are the same down here! A couple of years ago they forecast a terrible drought here after years of low rainfall and we got record rain! That was our first year here in Heathcote. I heard on the forecast a few nights back that we are in for a drier summer so if their previous predictions are anything to go by I’ll keep my umbrella handy 🙂 I’m living in a much drier area than I used to which has advantages and disadvantages. Our tanks are full, our dam is full…so can’t complain.

      • We had a tremendous storm before 7 AM (CDT) and received almost an inch of rain…lots of blowing, lightning and thunder. It will help here.

        Heathcote sounds as if it’s a lovely place to dwell!

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