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Just one of the millions beside our roads. This one on our road on a rainy morning…

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  1. Your ‘road’ is simply beautiful, Lancer! Such a wonderful place to live…so close to nature!

    BTW, what does the red spot on the sign post signify? Danger? Edge of the road?

    • It’s a reflector which shows up un headlights at night so we know where the edges of the road are. They line our country roads and are very helpful to see in the distance at night. I thought the rain made the road look especially nice, albeit a bit soggy. Really brings out the colours.

      • Ah, I thought they must be reflectors! The colors, BTW, are just so sumptuous…I envy you living there (as in, the grass is always greener…). My own neighborhood has many ‘sketchy’ areas; I rarely go out after nightfall, and even some early evenings, there are problems with the younger crowd…lots of Hispanics, blacks, and a number of different gangs. Our police are very busy.

        I’d like to see some of these kids try to live in a place as beauteous and seemingly remote as yours…they wouldn’t be able to make it past day one!

        Have a lovely Sunday, Lancer!

      • I’m planning a trip into Melbourne (will leave my car at an outer station and catch the train) to see a night football match with Pip next month – we’ll be coming from our respective directions and there’ll be a big football crowd around but it’s similar here and I can’t help but be a little apprehensive about the night ‘life’. I used to stay with my ex-husband’s elderly (now passed) aunt in Melbourne more than thirty years ago and she used to say she could never live in the ‘dangerous’ country (although she had lived her childhood there) and worried about us all the time. She had a series of locks, chains and bolts at the back of her door that she locked each night, then leant her ironing board and a chair up against it. But she insisted Melbourne was a lot safer than the country! She was a real character. Rather glad she can’t see what it’s like today – she would be really nervous.
        It’s cold and frosty outside at the moment but the sun is trying hard to warm our patch. You have a lovely Sunday, too!

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