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Laugh out loud!

Today’s prompt…

I took this photo at Gladstone’s Tondoon Botanical Gardens last year when I flew up to meet my grandson Jackie. There were more Kookaburras there than I have ever seen (heard) before. I don’t hear as many Kookaburras here in Heathcote as I used to in Traralgon but still hear a few through the trees now and then, a wonderful sound, and rarely go out in the car without seeing one viewing the world from the power lines.


Nosy neighbour

Today’s prompt…

This curious alpaca lived in the paddock opposite my son Pip’s house when he first moved there (right on the edge of town) three years ago, with a flock of sheep. Unfortunately, he moved away last year when building commenced on a government building (the sign says education centre).  There is still a great view of the Strzelecki Ranges to the other side but I miss seeing this particular neighbour when I visit.

Makes me think of all the different neighbours I’ve had over the years – some good, some not so great but some interesting characters for stories.

Weeding and Editing

Today’s prompt…

Weeding and editing . . . sometimes not much fun but everything looks so much better when its done 🙂


Today’s prompt…

I get all sorts of submissions for Positive Words magazine 🙂 Long ones, short ones, happy ones, sad ones. Mysterious, thought-provoking, dramatic, colourful. AND. . . I’m always needing more! See the submission guidelines at the side and send them in 🙂

PS – I’m rather partial to Licorice Allsorts. What’s your favourite?


Today’s prompt…

The rhubarb is growing well despite the recent frost. Thankfully, no frost this morning although it is cool.


Today’s prompt…

I don’t know what the orange flowering creeper is but it sure looks great behind the oranges and pumpkins on this roadside stall we saw on our way back from Gawler a few weeks ago.


Today’s prompt…

Again, beside Lake Nagambie…I saw some real Pelicans in the distance but too far away to take a photo.

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