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Over it goes…

Today’s prompt…

When we moved to Heathcote, nearby Lake Eppalock was at only about 8% capacity but then it rained, and it rained, and it rained! Thousands of people flocked to the area to see the water rushing over the spillway. The car parks were full and there was a continual stream of traffic. Almost two years on, the Lake has remained at over 90% capacity and recent heavy rain saw the water cascading over the spillway again. A magnificent sight 🙂

Are you a TEN?

Positive Words creative writing magazine will celebrate its tenth birthday in November, 2012. Since the first issue in November 2002, the magazine has published hundred of stories, poems and articles from writers all over Australia and overseas, facilitated annual short story and poetry competitions and monthly mini-competitions, providing an approachable publication opportunity for new and established writers and great reading at a realistic price.

I am hoping to fill the November issue with stories and poems based on the theme TEN to celebrate the magazine’s milestone birthday. Any interpretation of the theme will be considered, bearing in mind the magazine is a family-rated publication. When you were ten…a perfect ten score…road trips singing ten-green-bottles…it’s up to you! And from younger writers in the community, I would especially like to hear from ten-year-old poets and scribes.

The inspiration behind Positive Words magazine was to give writers in the community an avenue for publication. Thousands of writers all over Australia meet regularly in local writing groups at Neighbourhood Houses, libraries, halls and private homes and thousands more write at home alone. Some aspire to reach the bestseller lists while others just enjoy the camaraderie of sharing their work with fellow writers. Seeing a poem or story in print and knowing it will be enjoyed by readers, is always an inspiring experience. I am very grateful for all the support over the years and I hope we will still be celebrating in another ten years!

For sample/back copies of Positive Words magazine please send $2.40 for one copy (or $6 for 3 issues, overseas writers please email me for details) in unused stamps to the address below. I also have a number of copies of the very first issue available if you would like one 🙂

If anyone has a TEN story or poem they would like to submit for consideration for the November issue they can send them to The Editor, Sandra James, Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia For further information contact me at  but submissions must be in hard copy.

The Last Day of Winter

Today’s prompt…

It is the last day of Winter and the trees have dressed themselves appropriately for Spring but the weather keeps reminding us that it’s still Winter. Yesterday we had frequent showers and freezing wind. It’s spitting rain here although I see a hint of blue sky in the distance but I just saw the news on Sunrise with a live cross to a reporter in Melbourne in his coat and absolutely drenched.

Unfortunately, this tree isn’t one of ours. It was taken on the weekend beside Lake Eppalock.

The Man in the Moon

Today’s prompt…

I guess the Man-in-the-Moon just wanted to see a sunny afternoon for a change 🙂

I often wonder what children think when they see the moon high in the sky in the middle of the day when from their very first picture books they are taught that the moon comes out at night! I’m thinking there is a great story idea there, about the Man-in-the-Moon visiting the day 🙂

The Nicest People

Today’s prompt…

You meet the nicest people, and their dogs, when out walking on a sunny day 🙂

When I saw this beautiful Standard Poodle in the White Hills Botanical Gardens (Bendigo) on the weekend, I had to ask his owners if I could take a photo. Perfectly behaved, he was happy to pose! And further conversation revealed that his owner has just sent her first manuscript off to a publisher. I hope she hears good news…soon.

Before my Dachshunds, we had a Toy Poodle named Jackson. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as well behaved (not enough owner discipline) but we loved him.

At the bottom of the garden…

Today’s prompt…

This tree isn’t actually at the bottom of my garden, we saw it beside the Goulburn River on our travels recently, but it reminded me of my childhood. I was an avid reader, especially of Enid Blyton books, and my head was always filled with dreams and stories of little people living at the bottom of the garden. I was convinced I would find them one day! Alas, this tree looked like it might have been a hiding place for rabbits rather than little people but I’ll keep looking . . .this little girl hasn’t grown up completely yet 🙂

Birds on a Wire

Today’s early prompt…

Unfortunately, I’m having problems with my computer . . . my internet security has failed and apparently someone from the company (one of the biggest two) is going to call me in the morning. I’m not confident. If your security fails and is responsible for causing problems on your computer then who do you trust? Anyway, just in case, I decided to put the prompt I usually upload each morning, on tonight using Rod’s computer, just in case I can’t get to it in the morning. (He will be taking his to work in the morning). Wish me luck . . . with an aging computer and very weak internet signal at times, I don’t need any further problems 😦

The photo shows cheeky swallows sitting on a wire in our shed. They are fascinating to watch and so fast as they flit from beam to wire, outside, in . . . across the dam and back again!

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