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Gumboots or Wellies

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It was back to Gumboots here yesterday with a cold, rainy day but today the sun is rising over the trees and I’m hoping it doesn’t get any competition from the clouds hovering on the horizon 🙂

I know our Gumboots are called Wellingtons in the UK and I was curious about what they are called in other countries. I found . . . rubber-boots, wellies, topboots, billy-boots, gumbies, gummies, barnboots, wellieboots, muckboots, sheepboots, poopkickers, or rainboots . . . does anyone have any other names?


Comments on: "Gumboots or Wellies" (3)

  1. I love calling what we so boringly in Canada call rubber boots Wellingtons–gives them such respect–and the ones in your picture are cute

  2. In America they are called Galoshes or Rubber boots. Wellingtons sound so much better. 🙂

  3. Actually, when I was young, galoshes (or overshoes) had buckles, then zippers, and were not nearly as high. What were known as ‘rubbers’ came in either black or red rubber, and were simply to protect the leather soles of the shoes (and hence, the feet) from getting wet. I don’t know what these are called here in the States, other than ‘boots’…I had a pair years ago when I had my little farm.

    BTW, Lancer, your pair is really stylish; it looks as if they also have absorbent liners. Nonetheless, they look like an excellent choice for sloshing around in the muck!

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