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Good morning :)

Today’s prompt…

Who wouldn’t wake up smiling looking at this wonderful clock 🙂

My son Elijah gave it to me a few years back and it is a constant reminder of his childhood . . . he was a very early riser and would race in every morning with a huge grin and “Wakey, wakey!” I treasure the memories 🙂


Comments on: "Good morning :)" (8)

  1. my post was about a different kind of wakey, wakey – what a coincidence

    • Yes 🙂 I’m having an amazing weekend of coincidences all round! Don’t know what the answers are there either, not even sure I know what the questions are, but good to know I have a wonderful kindred spirit (Ah…the wisdom of Anne of Green Gables) on the other side of the world, waiting, wondering and enjoying 🙂

  2. That’s such a cute clock 🙂

  3. Oh, thanks so, Lancer, for the Sunday morning smile and letting us know the fond memory!

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