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I wish…

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I spotted these Primulas in front of a local church and said to myself, as I often do, I wanted to plant some of those!

It’s too late, of course, the seedlings should have gone in weeks ago so I could have a pretty display of flowers. Ah, next year, I said to myself (as I often do!)

Writing’s like that. So often we read a Christmas/Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Easter/seasonal stories and poems and say to ourselves, I’ve got the perfect piece; I wish I’d submitted it! Publications sometimes work up to six months ahead, so seasonal stories need to be sent well in advance. It’s easy to forget, so mark it in your diary or on your calender and maybe you’ll get a lovely surprise in the appropriate month, instead of saying I wish…

Stories and poems only need to be four-six weeks in advance for Positive Words magazine but I don’t mind getting them even earlier. Over the next few months we have Christmas, Melbourne Cup, Spring, Summer, Guy Fawkes…. Submission details are at the top of the page 🙂


Comments on: "I wish…" (4)

  1. One of my favorite mantras, which I made up to remind myself to get things done:

    “Do it now, not later!
    Done anything today, procrastinator?”

    It works…at least for me!

  2. I like it! I often say ‘Do it now and then it’s done!’ but for seasonal things like flowers I often forget. I think I need to draw up a calendar with reminders for the next year!

  3. “I said to myself (as I often do!)” lovely and so true!

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