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Waiting at the Station

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Waiting at  Southern Cross Station for Pip on Saturday, I watched the crowds coming and going and was reminded of one of my favourite films Love Actually. The bus and railway version 🙂 Alas, no Hugh Grant 😦

I love people-watching; it’s a great way to inspire new stories and poems.


Comments on: "Waiting at the Station" (4)

  1. Love Actually was a really fun movie for an old lady like me to watch…I also love people-watching, Lancer, and marvel just how people handle themselves in public these days. So much pushing, shoving at the stations here in Chicago…everyone in such a hurry. Your station there looks quite nicely-designed…and clean!

    • I think Southern Cross Station was upgraded a few years ago – I hadn’t been there for quite a while until I went there last year and was amazed. It was a nice night but, unfortunately, we have plenty of hurrying, pushing and shoving, too 😦
      I thought Love Actually was so well done and perfect for all of us people-watchers in every corner of the globe! For me, it’s one of those movies I can watch over and over and always get something new out of it.

  2. One of my favourite movies is Love Actually too. I flew to Melbourne last weekend without my two daughters so I had plenty of time to people-watch at the airport and read my book since the flight was delayed.

    • You were so close! I left my car at my step-son’s house at Sunbury(about 25kms from the airport). I LOVE airports and would probably go just to watch sometimes (we used to when my kids were young) except now the parking is ridiculously expensive. I’m not good at sitting and waiting though. When I’ve flown to QLD to visit my son in Gladstone there is usually a couple of hours stop-over in Brisbane and I walk up and down the whole time! Great exercise and lots to see 🙂

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