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No! I didn’t go in…although I was very tempted. I am a sweet tooth as my waistline will testify 😦

I took this one at Southern Cross Station while I waited for Pip a couple of weeks ago. Once again I’m reminded of the differences between countries in our names for lollies, as we call them. Sweets or sweeties in the UK and candy in the US…but I’m sure a lolly by any other name would taste as sweet 🙂


Comments on: "Big Kid Outside A Candy Store" (3)

  1. My close friend gave me a jar of jelly beans today. I love the term ‘lollies’. I think i will call these lollie beans.

  2. Beautiful image, Lancer! You and I have the same ‘waist line’ problem…and I know, if I went in, I would surely buy more than one piece…probably one piece of EACH!

    BTW, when I was young, lollipops were called ‘suckers’, the large ones being ‘all-day suckers’…there was even a rhyme, “All-day sucker, then a stick…”–sorry, can’t remember the rest!

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