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Birds on a Wire

Today’s early prompt…

Unfortunately, I’m having problems with my computer . . . my internet security has failed and apparently someone from the company (one of the biggest two) is going to call me in the morning. I’m not confident. If your security fails and is responsible for causing problems on your computer then who do you trust? Anyway, just in case, I decided to put the prompt I usually upload each morning, on tonight using Rod’s computer, just in case I can’t get to it in the morning. (He will be taking his to work in the morning). Wish me luck . . . with an aging computer and very weak internet signal at times, I don’t need any further problems 😦

The photo shows cheeky swallows sitting on a wire in our shed. They are fascinating to watch and so fast as they flit from beam to wire, outside, in . . . across the dam and back again!

Comments on: "Birds on a Wire" (5)

  1. Be careful – if it was a phone call out of the blue from someone claiming to be from a major software company (starting with M) and saying there is a security problem with your computer – it’s a scam. Ignore. Take your computer to a reputable dealer in person if you still have doubts.

    • Thanks Trevor – yes, I have heard of that scam but in my case my security stopped working and I contacted the company and they have said they will ring me. I have had the same product for more than three years, updating each year but I haven’t been happy with it. This time it simply stopped working and my computer keeps having messages on the screen every few minutes to tell me it’s not working. IT will be interesting to hear what they say in the morning! And, thanks again for the caution – it is very easy to get caught.

  2. Here’s hoping that icky problem gets solved, and quickly, Lancer! I use Avast (the free version); it has been installed on two different computers since 2008…and I can honestly say I’ve not experienced anything such as you’ve described.

    Until then, “Thanks, Rod!”, for allowing today’s post…I know these little guys can be pests, but they surely must be fun to watch!

    • I’ve downloaded a free version, too, and so far so good! But . . . the other company was supposed to ring me. They didn’t. Then when I emailed and complained I got a return email sayingI should give them my correct number. Once again, I did, as well as my back-up number which they had requested. They were supposed to ring again two hours ago but still nothing. It is very hard dealing with a company in another country, even though I purchased the original here (with online re-newals) and even more so when I suspect they out-source their tech staff to another country. I will keep at it but at least the computer is protected again.
      The swallows are a joy to watch and kept me entertained when we lived in the shed while the house was being built. I’m sure they knew they were teasing my cat Bailey, too. Flying low and swooping just out of reach!

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