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This tree isn’t actually at the bottom of my garden, we saw it beside the Goulburn River on our travels recently, but it reminded me of my childhood. I was an avid reader, especially of Enid Blyton books, and my head was always filled with dreams and stories of little people living at the bottom of the garden. I was convinced I would find them one day! Alas, this tree looked like it might have been a hiding place for rabbits rather than little people but I’ll keep looking . . .this little girl hasn’t grown up completely yet 🙂

Comments on: "At the bottom of the garden…" (1)

  1. Oh, I love these little hidey-holes…and though I am an old woman now and know how they are made, I still believe in the secrets held inside. Little people? Faeries? Or…maybe buried treasure?

    I have grown old, but not up, yet!

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