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Mama made Marmalade!

Tomorrow’s prompt…

Early tomorrow I’m leaving for South Australia to spend a few days with my daughter and her partner, and visit a couple of writing groups. Rod is staying home this time to look after April, Jasper, Bailey and the chooks 🙂

There were a few oranges languishing at the bottom of the fruit bowl so I made some marmalade . . .and I hope it prompts lots of stories and poems. Do send them in; I love to find a big pile of mail when I return 🙂

Better Days

Today’s prompt…

I guess this picnic table has seen better days . . .

July Mini-Competition Results

Congratulations to Peter Lingard and Jill Blanch – joint winners of the July Mini-Competition featuring the word BLIND.

Once again a fascinating array of interpretations and truly enjoyable to read.

You can find the results here Positive Words July 2012 Mini

And if you would like to enter the September Mini-Competition, the word for this month is RICH. Entries need to be posted by Sunday 30 September to be eligible.  i.e. they don’t have to arrive by then, just have to be in the mail and on their way 🙂 Entry fee is $1.20 in unused stamps for Australian entrants (overseas entrants please email me Further details above under ‘competitions’.

Thank you everyone fore your support. The entries and stamps really help to keep the magazine going!

Time to Plant!

Today’s prompt…

After lots of rain yesterday, today is sunny with blue sky and a gentle breeze. Time to plant these potatoes I found sprouting in the shed!

I’m reminded of ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down your hair.”      Potato, Potato…let down your sprouts!

Not so prim ladies!

Today’s prompt…

The prim ladies from a few posts ago do let their hair/petals down on sunny days although I think they’ll be staying tighly closed today. I woke to huge thunder claps and suddenly the bedside light went on, so the power must have been out during the night. I made that all-important first mug of coffee but didn’t stop to drink it as I raced out in my pyjamas to do the outside jobs, feed the dogs and chooks and clean the dog pen before it got wet. A few heavy drops on the tin roof but it all stopped by the time I came back inside to my lukewarm caffeine . . . still, the jobs are done and with more dark clouds looming I don’t think it will be long before we get a downpour.

Cockatoo Gymnastics

Today’s prompt…

The Cockatoos and their destructive tendancies toward our trees and plants make me angry some days but often they make me laugh. A few days ago I spotted this one prancing up and down the log as if it was on a balance beam, doing a little skip, then a jiggle, then back again and again before giving a bow as in the photo. Coming so soon after the Olympics I think this one’s aiming for Rio De Janeiro 🙂

Freshly Laid

Today’s prompt…

I still get a thrill when I find a nice little stash in the chook house 🙂

I’ve kept chooks (hens) for  27 years and in that time I’ve only needed to buy a dozen eggs twice! I used to sell them from my old home until one customer decided that free range meant free-for-him 😦

When Jess was in kindergarten, I was reading a book to a group of children and asked the usual question when we came to a page featuring E for eggs. Where do eggs come from? One little girl looked at me as though I was already senile (I was about 27!) when I suggested they might come from hens and walked off in disgust saying ‘Everyone knows they come from Coles.”

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