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Whose keys?

Today’s prompt…

Sets of keys are very individual. Some people carry only a few while others would make a fortune at the scrapmetal yard 🙂

I think keys can be a great story starter, offering lots of clues as to the owner. Try putting an anonymous bunch of keys in the middle of the table at your next writing group meeting as see what stories you can come up with. Perhaps  the characters will be similar to the owner of the keys or perhaps very different.

And . . . the owner of these keys? My son Pip 🙂


Comments on: "Whose keys?" (5)

  1. I am going to use this at my next writers’ group meeting – great prompt

  2. I’ve heard a couple if times “what is this key used for?”

    • Sometimes I try to take some off my key ring but usually find I need most of them – sheds, gates, house keys, mail box key, car key etc, etc. I often find one I think I don’t use any more but usually remember I need it and bunch of keys doesn’t get any smaller 🙂

  3. The newest addition to my key ring(s) is a ‘fob’, to electronically open the new front entrance door to my building. Interestingly, the new management looked at me quizzically when I asked very nicely, “So…what happens if the power goes out?”.

    As our keys will no longer work, and the old side entrance has been walled off, I just may have a future story of being stuck outdoors during one of the power outages caused by the tremendous thunderstorms we seem to get here quite regularly!

    • Sometimes technology is scary! And I think those putting it into action forget to look at the big picture and take everything into consideration. I hope you’re not the one left outside waiting when it fails and they realise they have to come up with a back-up plan! And…I guess you could be stuck inside, too, if the power goes out?

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