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Barking Mad!

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For the last hour, little puffs of smoke have been rising from my ears as I tried, and tried, to upload this photo. Some days our signal is very poor and combined with my overused, dinosaur laptop accessing the internet can be difficult and very frustrating. Being more than ten kilometres from a small town doesn’t help as the library(with internet access) is only open three days a week and the only shop with public access also has limited hours. Still  . . . it’s on now and there’s nothing better than getting all steamed up to get one ready to write 🙂

And, don’t forget, just because the magazine is called Positive Words, doesn’t mean the content is always about happy, positive things. The positive stands for doing something positive, such as submitting your poems and stories and all types of work is published. Why not send me something about what gets you barking mad?


Comments on: "Barking Mad!" (2)

  1. What a breathtakingly beautiful image, Lancer! So pleased you were able to present it. A clue: even here in Chicago, there are still difficulties with the internet signal!

  2. Thank you – when I think that not so long ago the idea of a mobile phone or internet would have seemed impossible, I realise that surely it can only get better as technology advances. A couple of streets away they don’t get any signal so low signal is definitely better 🙂

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