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Freshly Laid

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I still get a thrill when I find a nice little stash in the chook house 🙂

I’ve kept chooks (hens) for  27 years and in that time I’ve only needed to buy a dozen eggs twice! I used to sell them from my old home until one customer decided that free range meant free-for-him 😦

When Jess was in kindergarten, I was reading a book to a group of children and asked the usual question when we came to a page featuring E for eggs. Where do eggs come from? One little girl looked at me as though I was already senile (I was about 27!) when I suggested they might come from hens and walked off in disgust saying ‘Everyone knows they come from Coles.”


Comments on: "Freshly Laid" (2)

  1. Laughing here, Lancer, as I can assume ‘Coles’ is a grocery store?

    Back in the 70s when I had the small farm, I raised many chickens…and did the same as you, selling them to the local general store. I had so many eggs that, after we sold the farm, I could not eat them for years, even in an omelette!

  2. Yes, Coles is a grocery store/supermarket, one of the two biggest in Australia. When my girls are laying well I eat lots of eggs (just had two little bantam eggs for breakfast) but have a few days when I can’t face them. I love to bake and use lots that way but, of course, too many cakes don’t help my waistline!

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