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Cockatoo Gymnastics

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The Cockatoos and their destructive tendancies toward our trees and plants make me angry some days but often they make me laugh. A few days ago I spotted this one prancing up and down the log as if it was on a balance beam, doing a little skip, then a jiggle, then back again and again before giving a bow as in the photo. Coming so soon after the Olympics I think this one’s aiming for Rio De Janeiro 🙂


Comments on: "Cockatoo Gymnastics" (2)

  1. Perhaps he/she spent hours watching TV and decided, as so many of US do, “Hey, I can do that!”…now all he/she need to do is fly down there, meaning it would have to take all his/her friends along…and you, dear Lancer, would be rid of the pesky plant and flower destroyers! Keep whispering toward him/her: “You’re great, you can do it, go to RIO!”

    If that’s not the seed for a story (especially for children), I’ll be the proverbial monkey’s uncle!

  2. You are brilliant! A perfect plan to be rid of the cockatoos AND a terrific story idea. And . . . a few years back I was a gymnastics coach, mostly for beginners/recreational gymnasts when three of mine were training, but I’m sure I could whip those birds into shape, encourage a few flips and back saults etc. Can’t wait to see a cockatoo doing the splits 🙂

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