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Not so prim ladies!

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The prim ladies from a few posts ago do let their hair/petals down on sunny days although I think they’ll be staying tighly closed today. I woke to huge thunder claps and suddenly the bedside light went on, so the power must have been out during the night. I made that all-important first mug of coffee but didn’t stop to drink it as I raced out in my pyjamas to do the outside jobs, feed the dogs and chooks and clean the dog pen before it got wet. A few heavy drops on the tin roof but it all stopped by the time I came back inside to my lukewarm caffeine . . . still, the jobs are done and with more dark clouds looming I don’t think it will be long before we get a downpour.


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  1. We’re back to winter today, too – thunder this morning, followed by lots of rain and only 11 degrees at 3.00 pm. Yesterday was so nice, too. (Hope that wasn’t our summer!).


    • I was just talking to my daughter in South Australia and it’s the same there. But she hates the heat and would love a shorter summer as it gets pretty hot there, in the high thirties most days. Yesterday was beautiful here, too and the night so mild I didn’t even need the heater. Nights can be rather cold here, colder than Traralgon with later frosts. Enjoying a cosy fire tonight 🙂

  2. That’s a pretty little family of gorgeous daisies, Lancer! Yesterday was a beauty here in Chicago…but clouds moved in, which are very dark and ominous this morning (only 10% chance of rain–bah!). If it does rain, I’ll take a walk in it!

    As Autumn proceeds, and Winter comes, I am thankful I can rely on more beautiful flower images from your lovely part of our fascinating world!

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