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Mama made Marmalade!

Tomorrow’s prompt…

Early tomorrow I’m leaving for South Australia to spend a few days with my daughter and her partner, and visit a couple of writing groups. Rod is staying home this time to look after April, Jasper, Bailey and the chooks 🙂

There were a few oranges languishing at the bottom of the fruit bowl so I made some marmalade . . .and I hope it prompts lots of stories and poems. Do send them in; I love to find a big pile of mail when I return 🙂


Comments on: "Mama made Marmalade!" (3)

  1. Mmmm, homemade orange marmalade is my favorite, Lancer! Have a wonderful trip…and take time for some fun…after all, it IS Spring!

    • I arrived at Jess’ house about an hour ago to a wonderful welcome from 4 dogs, 3 cats, 5 hens and 7 goats – my grandchildren come in all sizes and shapes lol! Jess and Jodi are still at work for another hour and then the hour-long drive home. I had a great trip over although the roads were busy in places because it’s the end of a long weekend here in South Australia and I think they’re all in a rush to get home after time away. It’s warm and supposed to be very warm later in the week but cooler for driving home on Saturday. I stopped for several rest breaks and, of course, took some photos for future posts! I love orange marmalade, too, but also lemon.My Mum gave Rod some lemons when he called in to visit on his way back from a fishing trip on Saturday so I’ll be making lemon when I get home. Our lemon trees only produce a few so far but Mum has a friend with lots to spare 🙂 My Nan used to make it with grapefruit, too.

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