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Friendly Adelaidian :)

Today’s prompt…

I met this friendly Adelaide resident yesterday when Jess and I travelled into the city and visited the South Australian Writers’ Centre 🙂



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  1. So, Lancer, you ARE having fun…and meeting ‘new’ friends (Haha!)! That is one great sculpture…did you take a shot of the plaque embedded in the walkway? Mr Rene looks as if he was quite a guy!

    • Yes, I am having lots of fun! We’ve talked non-stop, had lots of laughs and Jess is loving my new Yellow Lancer . . . she’s driving it everywhere! Her car is much bigger so she’s loving the ease of parking. I’m happy because she knows her way around the city. The three of us (Me, Jess and her partner Jodi) went shopping today, more laughs and browsing than spending so perfect for the budget 🙂 I almost always take photos of plaques so I can recall all the details but this one I forgot! My friend was right in the busy city centre so I think I was distracted. Hereally made me smile.

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