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October Issue

Several people have emailed about the October issue . . . unfortunately, it has been delayed 😦

I am disappointed as I prepared the manuscript well in advance and sent it to the printer so it could be picked up and posted before I left and had all the envelopes ready but apparently there was a mix up and some confusion as the printing company recently changed hands. I was told it would be ready earlier this week and had made plans for Dad to collect them so I could post them as soon as I returned home but when I called yesterday, as I hadn’t heard anything, it still wasn’t quite done! Grrr…

They have assured me they will be ready by Monday and I will post them out. My apologies . . . I did have it all organised but they let me down. Printing usually takes about a week and I sent the copy two weeks in advance and had organised for Dad to collect them and for Rod to get them from Dad on his way back from a fishing trip, saving me another long drive (and lots of fuel) so I am rather annoyed!


Comments on: "October Issue" (2)

  1. The Italians have an old proverb: “Meglio tardi che mai!”…translation: “Better late than never!”.

    • yellowlancer said:

      I’m sure that will apply this month 🙂 Just a little frustrating for those with work published and eager to see it, and for me who tried to be so organised…I’ve had some lovely emails from subscribers telling me not to stress and how much they love the magazine – really appreciated!

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