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Trusty Travel Mug

Today’s prompt…

Where would a long trip be without it?

Home again and a little tired! I stopped several times along the way to stretch my legs but those last 200kms were a struggle. A great trip and a nice pile of mail waiting . . . thank you for the submissions and competition entries 🙂

Jasper and April gave me a rather sleepy, oh-you’re-home welcome (clearly too well looked after while I was gone!) but Bailey was much more enthusiastic. Usually, it’s the felines who fix you with that well-if-you-go-and-leave-me-I’ll-be-aloof look but I’m sure the dogs will change their tune come breakfast time!


Comments on: "Trusty Travel Mug" (3)

  1. I’m sure if the animals could speak, they would tell you all sorts of things that went on while you were away…a nice little story itself, yes?

    • yellowlancer said:

      Actually, I had a text message from the dogs (lol) and a photo telling me they’d licked their butler into shape and were being properly spoiled. Yes, a great story and I think I will get them all down at least for my little grandson!

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