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Yesterweek actually . . . I’ve often passed Old Tailem Town on the highway near Tailem Bend. It looks fascinating. I think on one trip soon we will have to have a good look inside.


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  1. That’s quite a fine image, Lancer…what a great place to do some close-ups, and artsy shots! I’m intrigued by the trees…what type are they (if you know)? Love the name of the town, too…wonder how that came about?

    • yellowlancer said:

      The trees are gum trees or eucalypts. Different varieties grow all over Australia. And, I id a quick research and discovered that ‘Tailem’ is derived from an aboriginal word meaning ‘bend’. I guess that effectively means the town is called Bend Bend! And the bend is because of the huge bend in the Murray River there. The Murray River is Australia’s longest river (2375kms). Where I live I am only an hour from the Murray River at Echuca. It starts in the Australian Alps, forms a border between Victoria and New South Wales, then goes through South Australia down to the ocean. It has a rich history of paddle steamers and is a very popular tourist destination from end to end. And…I’m really looking forward to seeing inside Old Tailem Town on another trip. Those trucks outside and some old train carriages look fascinating, so it will be fun to explore the rest!

      • Another Thousand Words said:

        Thanks so for the info…I spent the day, after walking in the rain, clean under the top of the range (not the oven,yet) and working on an art project (turning paper leaves into a bread basket–more later), so I didn’t make the time to research. Have fun when you return…can’t wait for some great images!

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