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These two are actually both bantam eggs . . . one from a new layer and the other from an older hen. And they both taste great on toast for breakfast 🙂


Comments on: "Eggsactly" (4)

  1. Two eggs in a pan..
    One says, ‘blimey, it’s hot in here’
    The other one says OMG
    a talking egg!

    • yellowlancer said:

      That’s great – Thank you 🙂 I’m going to listen to my eggs a lot more closely in future!

  2. Those are sure some lovely deep yellow yolks, Lancer…now you’ve made me want to have breakfast, which I rarely take! Love tWisted’s comment…gave me a hearty laugh!

  3. I almost always eat breakfast, going through different fads depending on my mood and what’s available. Lots of eggs at the moment so lots of eggs on toast! Over winter it was porridge. I like to give the hens lots of greens to give the yolks that rich colour but we don’t have a lot of lush grass here as I did at my old house so I’m forever pulling weeds out of other people’s gardens or stopping beside rivers to get a bag full of grass. I’m sure there’s a few passers-by who think I’m a bit eccentric but the hens love me!

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