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Rest awhile :)

Today’s prompt…

Beside the Goulburn River at Murchison. A beautiful place to relax 🙂

Rod thinks it would be a great place to try fishing and I’m sure I could relax with a note pad and come up with a poem . . . or two.


Comments on: "Rest awhile :)" (8)

  1. sheenaeastonwannabe said:

    Your blog makes me want to visit Australia! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I remmber swimming in the Murray river, which was a very similar colour…. and that the fine silty mud got into the fabric of my costume…. never was the same again!

    • I’ve always thought of the two rivers as being very similar and both have a wonderful paddle steamer history, although more so the Murray. The scenery around both rivers is magnificent but I’m not a swimmer, in any water, and that silty mud certainly doesn’t inspire me to try!

  3. Oh, what an idyllic setting, Lancer…and a very painterly image (surely one of your BEST EVERS?)! “I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree”…or something better than that?

    • Thank you! It is a beautiful setting and well looked after which is nice. I only just missed getting a photo of a wattlebird – a second too slow and I only got his tail as he flew away!
      And yes, I think trees are the best living poems!

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