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Here…Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

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A stray cat wandered into our former home about four and a half years ago and had kittens under the house. For days, Pip and I kept saying we could hear the tell-tale sounds and eventually they emerged, hissing and spitting at us if we tried to get close. By day I left out saucers of milk and at night Pip would sit on the step quietly talking to them until they began to trust us. Pip still has one of them at his own home, appropriately neutered, of course. He also found homes for the other two but, unfortunately, the mum had to go to a shelter. Rambo has grown into a very big, beautiful cat and is very affectionate.


Comments on: "Here…Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!" (2)

  1. They are just beautiful, Lancer…and Rambo must love that he was ‘saved’! Personally, I like the black one best…reminds me of my cat (whom I brought home from the shelter at about this size) ‘Moses’, who lived to be eighteen!

  2. Moses is a great name for a cat! When Pip was three we had another pregnant cat turn up on our doorstep (we were just two kms from town – dumping distance, I think) and she had five kittens under our back step one morning. I was hanging washing out and Pip called out to tell me there was something happening! That mum wasn’t wild. Again we found homes and kept one. Pollyanna. She lived for fifteen years, even after losing a leg at one year old.
    I’ll post a photo of grown-up Rambo soon.

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