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Perhaps it’s our eyes . . . but we thought there was a large black dog swimming in the Murray River at Echuca on a visit a couple of years ago. Until we had a closer look!


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  1. I looked very closely, Lancer…and I DO think it could be a soon-to become-legendary ‘Murray River Monster’ (cf Loch Ness Monster), peeking its head above the waters in your excellent image!!! Well, it would be good for tourism, wouldn’t it?

    • Yes, I can see the tourists flocking in! And this section of the river is right behind a big, popular bakery so I imagine they would be very happy to promote the legend. Murray River Monster Mudcakes at the top of the menu and all they’d need would be another cousin to our baker friends to invite everyone in! Perhaps one with a long scar down the side of his face…

  2. I believe it is Nessie’s daughter–

    • In the fifties and sixties we had a lot of migrants arrive from England, Ireland and Scotland (often called ten-pound Poms because of the ten-pound fare). Perhaps Nessie’s daughter hitched a ride on one of the boats and has been waiting in the murky Murray ever since 🙂

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