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Remember those Potatoes?

Today’s prompt…

Remember those sprouting potatoes from a prompt a couple of weeks ago?

If only the ideas I had for stories were progressing as well 😦

I procrastinate, Mother Nature quietly goes about her work. I think there’s a big lesson there for me!


Comments on: "Remember those Potatoes?" (3)

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Yum, yum, new potatoes, butter and salt and pepper! My mouth waters at the thouught.

    • Yes, I’m looking forward to them 🙂 The soil here doesn’t hold water like it does down your way but our tanks and dam are full, and I’m adding lots of compost and mulch. Last night on the news I saw something about a bug threatening to cause major problems with potato and other crops – that would be devastating around thorpdale etc. Let’s hope they can keep it under control!

  2. Oh, they look fantastic, Lancer! I can almost taste their buttery-coated delight!

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