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More Wildflowers :)

Today’s prompt…

These grow in profusion in this area; through the forests, beside the roads and  over parts of our seven acres. I think they are called Paper Daisies.


Comments on: "More Wildflowers :)" (9)

  1. Love the flowers,they grow in profusion in my area also,and thanks to you i can call them Paper Daisies

  2. You might see a big bunch in your kitchen when you get home from work 🙂 lol

  3. They’re beautiful. Certainly brightens up your room.

  4. Beautiful~!!!! What amazing writing will come from such a beautiful picture!!! AND your sunny room behind is gorgeous too!!!

  5. Gorgeous flowers, I love their vivid colors.
    The only flowers that grow consistently around where we live are Tiger Lillie’s… those things grow like weeds.

    • I get used to the ones in my own area and always get a surprise when I go somewhere else. It’s the same with the birdlife. I moved house three years ago and although I’m still in the same state, some of the birds are different. More of some, less of others.

      • You should come to Vermont someday…We see a lot of wildlife where we live, because we’re in the mountains. There’s actually been sightings of catamount, even though the state argues that they’re extinct.

  6. I must say…they are marvelous, but I’ve never seen any flower quite like these, Lancer! Thet seem to open in ‘layers’ of petals, finally revealing a gorgeous, orangey sunburst…so very lovely! (as is your dining area :))!

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