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The English Maple

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I meant to get this tree in a few weeks ago but better late than never!

It was a self-sown tree that came up beside a zygocactus in a terracotta pot from seeds dropped off a huge English Maple at my old home. It started it’s life as a self-sown plant in the garden of an elderly lady we knew and ended up over ten metres tall by the time we left Traralgon. I’m really looking forward to watching this one grow. It makes our back patch look more like a yard 🙂

Self-sown plants are a bit like those random story or poem ideas . . . you never know what will become of them 🙂

Comments on: "The English Maple" (4)

  1. aloha yellowlancer – “self-sown” seeds have a great “self-determination” and desire to explore (imo) – a way cool character flaw toward life. these (also imo) make some of the most awesome plants (trees).

    i like maple a lot. i also like bonsai – so finding self-sown seeds become an extra treat when i think i might be able to create with them in this way too.

    way fun on getting your English Maple in the ground – i have a number of plants on this same list. i have to make sure i can get to watering them daily until they establish a very good root system where ever i plunk them (an ideal location hopefully). … i’ve also found if i place them in a pot (after initially discovering/finding them) it’s a more successful 2nd transplanting if i allow it to establish a full pot root system before going on to that 2nd transplanting.

    way fun on your English Maple. aloha.

    • Thank you 🙂 The English Maple from my former home provided lots of Bonsai for two of my sons who were very keen on Bonsai as teenagers. They don’t do so much now but I’m sure they will when time permits. I also have two growing beside our dam and several more springing up in pots. They have survived moving, lack of water and severe pruning from cockatoos but they soldier on! That first seedling sure created a big family tree!

      • it sounds like that is a healthy maple (i grew up across the street from a huge one and my mom planted two “found” saplings in our back yard). cool on that healthy maple of yours.

        yeah, bonsai take a lot of time. mine always need more. we keep on at it – they and i – and between us we do the best we can do. some trees seem to do well with less attention. some with more attention. i was fortunate to find for the first time here (in hawaii) a japanese maple. i scooped it up (it was in a plant place so it is purchased). it is sensitive to the right care – but it tries really hard. so i am hopeful. i’ve had it for about a year and a half now. finding the right place and way to care for it… that’s what i’m still learning.

        fun to meet you and your plant/writer world. aloha.

  2. It looks as if it is ‘taking’ quite well, Lancer…and it’s wonderful you’ve staked and wired so well to allow it to grow stronger…for the day when your grandchildren’s children can look and appreciate!

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