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The Honey Man

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This lovely man sets up his stall on the outskirts of Heathcote every weekend selling fresh honey 🙂



Comments on: "The Honey Man" (5)

  1. I love fresh honey and I heard on Dr Oz that a teaspoon of honey before bed is good for helping you get to sleep.

  2. Honey…oh, how I love it, Lancer! A teaspoon of raw, organic honey is a thousand times more satisfying than the world’s largest chunk of chocolate!

    • Oh yes! My Mum and Nan used to buy huge tins of honey from their favourite honey farm each time they visited their old home town (Beechworth, Victoria) when I was young. I love to buy honey from roadside stalls like this one (we have another favourite at a town about 25 kms from here, too). It’s the real thing instead of the blended mix we so often find in the supermarkets these days. The only downside is that it is so good I eat too much on fresh bread, scones, crumpets . . . 😦

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