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Good morning :)

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He/she doesn’t look impressed but I’m not surprised . . . I almost stepped on him on my way to feed the chooks! Later, Rod found some babies under a nearby pile of pine posts he was using to build a fence. They are harmless but a little frightening when you come across one unexpectedly, in that second before you establish that it isn’t a Joe Blake!

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  1. Yikes…I really do NOT like snakes, harmless or not!

  2. Wow! That is a scary looking critter! I would have been way too busy squealing and running away to determine if it was dangerous or not. Yep … I am a wimp. =P

    • Yes, you can certainly see the links to prehistoric animals. Thank goodness he’s only small! Having always lived in the country I am fairly used to ‘creatures’ but I’ve also done my share of squealing when they catch me by surprise.

  3. Wow looks sort of like our Milk Snakes with those dark bands

    • Thanks – I’m going to look up Milk Snakes šŸ™‚ I’ve never heard of them before.
      This is a Blue Tongue Lizard, quite common here and apparently they eat up the garden bugs so I’m happy for him to hang around as long as I don’t come on him unexpectedly and get a fright!

      • That is the part that scares me too horrible to be frightened by a harmless creature as I usually am after being bit by a nasty spider I just wish they would all hang out where I am NOT lol

  4. I love lizards! There are lots of giant skinks at my Dad’s place and they wander about the house too. My sister hates them, but I think they are great.
    Here, at home, we had a beautiful blue-tongue lizard, but the neighbour’s dog killed it! šŸ˜¦ Haven’t seen one since.

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