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Ten Terrific Bantam Eggs

Today’s prompt…

Someone had eggs for breakfast 🙂  Just so I could take a TEN photo, of course!

Actually, there are several more full cartons in the pantry. My bantams are laying well at the moment.

My chooks (hens, chickens, bantams) have been a constant source of enjoyment for me since I bought three Modern English Game Bantam hens in November 26 years ago. These were soon followed by 20 rescued battery hens, a birthday present, just what I asked for! Never one to do things by halves, I soon added other breeds and one of Elijah and Jess’ Kindergarten teachers (Thank you, Sylvia!) gave us two hens with chickens, Speckles and Molly who was a Frizzle. I fell in love with Frizzles and still have several today, remotely descended from that first cute little hen.

My hens meant much more to me than delicious eggs. I bred chickens and sold them and surplus eggs which was a great help when I became a sole parent a few years later.

And…when things went wrong, I didn’t count-to-Ten as many people do, I checked the eggs! That walk down the yard, rain, hail or shine, was a great calmer and always raised my spirits 🙂 These days I still check the eggs regularly. Sitting inside at the computer I don’t get as much exercise as I used to, so that little stroll helps me to stretch my legs, unwind and often return to whatever I’m writing with fresh new ideas.

NaNoWriMo Update: I’m going well with 2267 words so far and some great writing buddies – only 29 days to go!

Comments on: "Ten Terrific Bantam Eggs" (7)

  1. I miss having chooks and our own fresh eggs. We just don’t have a place for them where we are, even though we have a double block :-(.
    Keep at that writing! All the best. 🙂

  2. My chooks fell victim to a fox. We lived in the middle of town with a overgrown laneway at the back – great for marauding foxes. Must have climbed the fence. Wouldn’t be so bad if they’d just taken what they needed for food, but they just killed everything. Ours weren’t the only ones to go, either.

    Keep up the good NanoWriMo work.


  3. I love having chooks too!

  4. Those eggs look scrumptilicious, Lancer! I recall my days of raising chicks in a back room at the farm, until we could put them out in a lower room of our granary. We had a male and female Blue Andalusian, a gorgeous,delicate breed…she was quite a layer, and must have been a bit over-sexed, as she was ‘done in’ by too many large roosters having their way with her! Some women could have learned a lesson from that (I would imagine?).

    • The Andalusians are beautiful although I’ve never had any. Besides Frizzles and Old English Game we’ve had Silkies, Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Wyandottes, Aracanas and various cross-breeds. I encouraged the kids to keep some each and make pocket money from selling their eggs and chicks. Our roosters never miss an opportunity!

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