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It’s in the Cards!

Today’s prompt…

We all get dealt a different set of cards in life. What hand were you dealt over the past ten years…and what will the next ten bring?

Comments on: "It’s in the Cards!" (3)

  1. Sad to say, Lancer, but it has been two close calls with death in the past six years…both from pulmonary embolisms. And the next ten? Let’s just say I don’t make many ‘plans’, just thank my Creator for each and every morning I wake, and say a thanks again every night for the day I’ve experienced (whether good or bad!). Someday, I may write about these times of ‘close calls’, but…just don’t think I’m ready…there have been 7 during my 66 yrs. Am I like a cat, with 9 lives? Time will tell, won’t it?

    • I’m hoping you have many more than 9 lives, not that I’m wishing you any more close calls – I’m sure you know what I mean! Your comments brighten every day for me and I want to read them and see your amazing photography for many,many years to come. Like you, I like to say a thank you although, fortunately, I’m doing well.

  2. Thanks for getting me to think about these questions!

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