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Turning Ten

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I had a week off school following my tenth birthday as I had the flu. Then…all better and ready to go back to school, a golf ball exploded as my brother and I attempted to extract one of those tiny bouncey rubber balls that lived inside most golf balls, directing an acidic substance into one of my eyes. It was quite a few weeks before I went back to school!

How did you start your tenth year?

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  1. certainly not the way you did- ouch and double ouch

  2. I know you don’t know me… but this was something unexpected… Who would think a simple writing prompt would have such an emotional impact… just one number… one, stupid, little number…
    I am going to have to speak about this on my own blog tonight… maybe then I can put some things back into the closet where they belong.

    • Hi Kira,
      I hope you are okay – I’ll be watching for your post and thinking of you.

      • Sandra,

        I was able to talk things out with my spouse and I think I should be okay now. I didn’t realize something like that was going to be a trigger and was caught off guard.
        Knowing is half the battle they say and I’ll remember to be more careful in the future.


  3. […] The post in question? Turning Ten. […]

  4. Exploding golf ball? Wow!

  5. I winced at the squirt in the eye… I once had euphorbia juice sprayed in mine.Quite the most painful thing I have ever experienced

    • Ouch! I ended up having an operation on my eye the following year and had to wear a ‘pirates’ eye patch for a while. Apparently, if the force of the exploding liquid had hit just 1/8th of an inch higher I might have been blind in that eye but fortunately, my sight returned to normal after the op.

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