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Who’s on Number 10?

Today’s prompt…

Here in Victoria, and I think most of Australia, everything seems to be revolving around the Melbourne Cup. It probably would have been more appropriate to have a prompt with a photo of a horse wearing number 10 but I decided to show you the contents of my purse instead 🙂 lol  Perhaps there will be a few race-goers with similar amounts later today, while others might win TENs of thousands!

I’ve never followed horse racing but a few years ago at a writing group I attended at Churchill Neighbourhood House, our meeting day was Tuesday so as the house was closed we started meeting at the home of one of our members on Cup Day, writing cup related poems and stories, each bringing plates of delicious food to share, wearing novelty hats and playing games. It was always a wonderful day but sadly dear Hilda passed away a few years ago.  She was a very special friend and will always be remembered.

NaNoWriMo Update: As the horses pound around the track, I will most likely be pounding away at my computer. Today, appropriately, the official target is TEN thousand words. I finished last night with 8216, so fingers crossed!

And, thank you to everyone cheering me on in the NaNo race. It really helps 🙂



Comments on: "Who’s on Number 10?" (2)

  1. What a pretty little coin, and on your lovely crocheted tablecloth, Lancer…so very perfect!

    Here’s my 10 cents worth: I bet you hit TEN thousand, and go on a bit more!

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