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TEN Times a Day

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I know I’ve posted a photo of my Magpie visitors before. They are getting cheekier and visit up to TEN times a day, calling out if I don’t notice them waiting and often hovering over April and Jasper’s pen in case they score a crumb or two. I studied our bird book and I’m pretty sure these two are male and female, so perhaps we’ll have lots more vistors soon 🙂

NaNoWriMo update: This will sound like one of those excuses but truly our power went out yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock and wasn’t restored until 2am. My ageing computer battery doesn’t give me much time away from power but I managed to hand write several pages by candlelight once we realised the first estimated restoration at 7pm had changed to 10pm, and then again even later. Fortunately I did add about 700 words earlier in the day but I’ve got lots of re-typing to do today, if I can decipher my writing 😦

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  1. They may be pests, but they are quite fine to look at, Lancer, especially those talons!

    Sad about the power outage…a storm? Or just lazy electricity, not wanting to travel very far (I ask, because electricity does, at times, seem to have ‘a mind of its own’ (Haha!)?

    • Yes, they are wonderful to watch and their song is beautiful music. Although I was swooped by one when I was about ten, I’ve never been swooped here so I don’t think of them as pests. I often talk to them and they have me so well trained that if I give them food at the back door I then use the front door if I need to go out so as not to disturb them! They are spoiled! They are becoming more and more daring and if I go carefully will now accept me tip-toeing past as they continue to eat. The other day I went to shoo away some cockatoos intent on pruning one of my trees and the male magpie came and landed nearby with a look that said “I am the chosen one-she feeds me”.
      The outage was caused by a lightening strike. At least it wasn’t caused by an accident with someone crashing into it. Our roads were very busy yesterday with the public holiday.

  2. Ten times a day! I am jealous! Magpies are my favorites!

    • My Mum really loves them,too,but when she moved house a few years ago she had to say goodbye to all the favourites she was feeding and is very disappointed they don’t come close to her new unit. She does have a few smaller birds visit though. I think I started feeding these ones because of Mum and have really become fond of them. My favourites are Black Cockatoos but we rarely see them here. They used to fly over most days at my former home.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

      • I hope your Mum has the opportunity to visit you often! They are unique birds, not many compare! I will continue to visit your blog – very nice photo!

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