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What would you buy?

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If I had $10 I’d buy…

NaNoWriMo Update:  I was pleased to find once I’d re-typed  my handwritten piece from the previous night that I wasn’t too far off target…about 275 words behind, but, of course, then the next target awaited. Fortunately, it was an easier writing day and I ended up with 11,514 words, just 152 words short. I’m finding the story flows well in parts and the words quickly add up but at other times it’s very hard going and each word is like pulling teeth 😦  This morning I’ve woken with a fresh idea, so I’m hoping it will tie in and keep the story rolling…

Comments on: "What would you buy?" (8)

  1. I wish I could be doing this…. maybe next year?!

    • I thought about it for several years but this year it just seemed right and so far it is a great experience and I think I’m going to end up with a story I’ll be proud of. I would most likely have given up during the slow bits if I was working alone.

  2. It’s great to read how your writing is going every day. Could not believe you had a black-out the other night – what timing! I had to laugh though, picturing you scribing away by candle-light even though I know it would NOT have been funny at all for you. I’m glad you’ve been able to catch back up your words and are nearly back on target. Do you try to edit it along the way or just write and write all your ideas and then leave a few days at the end to edit and polish it up?

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for following my word count and the encouragement. It really does help! I find it really hard to turn off that inner editor and do spend a lot of time trying to get sentences and paragraphs just right even though I know it’s a first draft. There have been a few places where I’ve managed to ignore something that wasn’t quite right so perhaps NaNo is helping to teach me that. The black-out and my struggles with my dinosaur computer will surely make for a great publicity blurb when the novel reaches the best-seller lists 🙂 lol

  3. Love hearing about your writing Sandra!! Its great you are gettting soooo much down- each time it leads to new ideas like this morning! Well done!!

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m hoping my progress will encourage everyone out there who has thought about doing NaNoWriMo (as I did for years) to try it next year. And it really helps to have others encouraging along the way. I always get great ideas in the shower! Perhaps it’s the relaxing water flowing over me and freeing up my mind…whatever, it works 🙂 And I’ll be a very clean writer 🙂

  4. If I had $10 I’d buy…you a few reams of paper…because I know your stories will add up to more than 50,000 words! Keep Going, Lancer!

  5. Oh, thank you! I hope one day you are out taking photos in Chicago and walk past a bookshop with my novel in the window. And you’ll say ‘I know that lady’. And, I hope you will also know you helped encourage her and how much it means!

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