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At Ten O’clock…

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This clock brings a special memory for me of my wonderful Uncle Ric. Some years ago I had been through a bit of a rough time and Uncle Ric travelled from his home in Wangaratta to stay with my Mum and Dad for a few days. One day, after I dropped the kids at school, Dad took Mum, Uncle Ric and me for a drive and a picnic down to the coast near Post Welshpool. We had a magic day, just the break I needed. Before Uncle Ric left for home he pushed a twenty dollar note into my hand and told me to buy something special for myself. It was just something he did for his special neices, he said.  Uncle Ric and my Aunty Kath who was my Nan’s sister and had died  the previous year, were unable to have children which meant that all the neices and nephews on both sides of their families were treated like their own. A week after Uncle Ric gave me the money, this clock which I had long admired, was on sale for $19.99! Uncle Ric passed away about seven years ago but with every tick of my clock he is remembered 🙂

NaNoWriMo Update: Getting there 🙂 Yesterday I wrote in lots of smaller blocks and eventually passed my daily target and finished only 132 words short of the overall target just before midnight. I gave a giant sigh of relief, then remembered I have to do it all again today! But writing about Uncle Ric has given me an idea to use in my story, so here goes…


Comments on: "At Ten O’clock…" (6)

  1. Oh I love that- you start ‘somewhere, anywhere’ and it takes you elsewhere- love that about writing, you just never know til ya start!!!

  2. I had an Uncle like that too thought of him a lot this week being Veterans Day and he did 3 tours of duty in Nam

    • That’s great! My Uncle was in WW2 and although he often talked about reunions and his mates it wasn’t until he died that we found out how much he’d done. A real hero and sounds like your Uncle was a younger version 🙂

      • He was. They all are so brave to leave us all and go to far off lands and fight others battles. I miss him so much. My Grand Fathers, Dad,Brothers have all done their part for our nation I just wish we lived in a world of peace where no one had to fight 😦

  3. What a fine memory…and a great cock, Lancer…LOVE the numerals! Uncle Ric sounds as if he was a very kind human being….

  4. So sorry! “CLOCK”! I best do a bit more ‘spellcheck’ before I click, yes!

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